Making Darkness Visible

2020’s Physics Nobel
Wasn’t it a surprise? Most of them never expected subjects like “black hole” may win the Nobel. It is because Nobel’s philosophy then was clear. It was given to the subjects that will have a direct practical impact on humans or mankind. This time Blackhole won!

Roger Penrose
He proved that a black hole can exist as a consequence of Einstein’s theory of Relativity. He won half of the Nobel. The other half went to Genzel and Ghez who proved a black hole exists at the center of the Milky Way.

Black Hole
Densest object, here laws of physics breaks down. Space becomes time and vice versa sometimes. Even light cant pass through from here. The gravity is massive.

Alfred Noble the inventor set up the prizes but did not include Mathematics or theoretical science. He wanted to reward only those inventions which can directly impact mankind. This is the reason why the Photo-electric effect of Einstein won the Nobel and not for the theory of relativity.

Stephens Hawking
Yeah, hence he never won!

Developments in Nobel
Gradually as time has gone by, in 1983, S Chandrashekhara won it. It was for theoretical astrophysics.

Darkness Visible
It was hence clear that Black holes needed to be proved to exist else, a prize cant be given. The effects of the black holes are visible. Everything in their surrounding pulled hard towards them.

Our Own Galaxy’s Black Hole
It is now proven that there exists a supermassive black hole at the center of our own milky way. Few million times of the sun’s mass. Stars here orbit at unimaginably faster speed like approx 8K KM/Sec. This black hole can also be 3.6 times heavier than Sun.

He never believed in it earlier. However, later he realized that a black hole did exist. Now with this and the new Nobel, the entire new bright developments in astrophysics have begun.

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