Who will feed China?

1995’s Who will feed China warning
Lester Brown, an expert thinker in 1995 published an article “Who will feed China?”. This publication sparked debate. Down the line today in 2021, China has emerged as the largest food importer. Of Course, China will never agree.

Xi’s Clean Plate
Why will President Xi Jinping will launch ‘Operation Clean Plate’? Yes, that’s because there is a problem. The President in 2020 asked not to waste food. He also asked the restaurant to give food only for 8 people for every 10 people ordering food. The government is taking concern related to food wastage at large.

India’s Past
In 1965, during wartime and other issues, India imported 1 Crore tonnes of food. Former Prime Minister Shastri also urged people to observe fasting on Mondays and share food.

Green Revolution
It started in India in 1966, it was a successful program. India then was on a track of food sufficiency.

Why China
China by 2011, turned into the world’s largest food importer. Demand for meat and milk surged. The big hole in Chinese Agriculture was majorly driven by a massive shift from Agri to industrialism followed by massive urbanization. Heavy soil contamination because of intensive farming also added weight.

What now
To meet its food demand, China has now started to buy large farmlands in Latin America and Africa. They are also now targeting the US, EU, and Australia. China is on its foot. The food crisis is real.

Highlights for India
The future is really uncertain. China tried moving from state-controlled agriculture to open market policy. They give massive subsidies to farmers also spend heavily on importing food. What if they spent this money on merging small farmlands to create a big farm and achieve economies of scale. Surprisingly, the largest food producer in the world is now also the largest food importer. Early to discuss who will feed India, this needs a discussion.

Read more: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/comment/lessons-for-india-from-chinas-food-import-241793
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