Data Breach Menace

What Expert Claimed
Independent Expert Analyst in Cyber Security has claimed that MobiKwik’s millions of customer KYC databases are available for sale on Dark Web. 8.2T of data can be purchased at $75000 in the crypt form

Hacker’s Claim
Search before you buy. The hacker who stole it, offered a search engine to a prospective buyer to search and confirm before you buy. Note that this includes all sensitive details.

Defaming the Cyber Expert
MobiKwik attacked and Vilified the said whistleblowers
o Reported to Authorities to take down all his handles and social media identities.
o Firm denied any leak.
o Blamed the users instead. Users posts their data on various site. Hackers then club it into the database. MobiKwik can’t do anything about it.

India and Legislations
The right to privacy is a fundamental right, decided by the Supreme Court in 2017. Justice Srikrishna Submitted draft data privacy legislation in 2019. Parliament has not passed any bill in this regard yet and hence there exists no law in India to protect private personal data.

In the absence of Law, no company has any obligation to disclose any such breach.
Hence, users fail to have any redressal mechanism at all.

Countries with Enacted Laws
•Of Course there is Civil Class Action Suite by citizens, but even before that countries with such law initiates criminal investigations in this matter before civil. Result of this, Companies are extra vigilant

The Reserve Bank of India has asked digital wallet firm Mobikwik to get a forensic audit done without delay over data breach allegations. CERT-In did not investigate the matter on its own instantly. The reasons are still unknown. This was the critical breach.

India Must Act
Given the approx. Numbers of active 50 crore netizens and no law to protect data, India has to prepare for larger breaches and legislation along with whistleblower protection. CERT-In should be more transparent and active. This will certainly help.

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