Inner Line Permits

From British Subjects to Citizen of India

1.Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act, 1873 – Safeguards commercial interest of the British in selective North East areas.
2.British Subjects were prevented to trade in this area.
3. Post India’s Independence, the above said development continued to protect locals from outsiders, and these British subjects who were mainly Indians then, are now replaced by citizens of India.

Protected Area Vs Inner Line
1.ILP – A document that allows Indian citizens to visit certain areas, issued by State Government.
2.PAP – Document needed for foreigners.

ILP Applicability
•Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram and recently added from January 2020 Manipur.
•Meghalaya doesn’t fall under the purview of ILP yet but is governed by Meghalaya Resident Safety Act 2016.

Challenges and Issues
1.Economy is impacted due to less trade and investment.
2.Promotes regionalism over Nationalism.
3.Tourism and National Integration are also affected.


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